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Smoke Ventilation Advert

The Smoke Ventilation division of RVI offers complete natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation solutions which are robustly tested to comply with the latest SANS 10400-T. RVI also installs powered smoke and heat exhaust systems to enhance ventilation in a shopping centre environment…

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Vertical Venting

Let’s look into the dynamics of openings in the vertical face of building elements; whether they are automated ventilators, fusible link operated ventilators, static louvres…

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Smoke Reservoirs #2

After last month’s article, I decided to explore a few projects to discuss some common errors related to smoke reservoir sizing that I observe on a regular basis…

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Fusible link ventilators

The concept of “Rational Fire Design” refers to the detailed design of fire safety and prevention, undertaken by an individual competent in fire engineering. A Rational Design is therefore one of the alternative ways to comply with SANS 10400…

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Smoke control – it’s serious

We need to take a moment and get our heads around the EN 12101 code.

This code has undoubtedly generated the most heated discussions and debates I have ever come across. I can summarise the majority of the discussions with the well-known quote, “Ignorance is bliss” – a colloquial version of the quote by Gayle Lynds…

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Leading Architecture & Design – Oct/Nov 2016

At the 2016 SAPOA Innovative Excellence Awards, GLH Architects was announced the Winner for best corporate office for their design of the Multichoice City complex. Robertson Ventilation Industries (RVI) proudly contributed the automated external light control solution…

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Architectural Solutions Advert

The Architectural Solutions division of RVI supplies bespoke aesthetic thermal and light control façade solutions, which directly impact on the energy requirements of a building. RVI boasts the in-house ability to design, engineer and manufacture, as well as install and commission application-specific custom solar shading systems for any building application or process…

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